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CJP-NHRecords, Inc.
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CJP-NHRecords, Inc. is in the international music recording industry business since 1989. Check online through Dun&Brad, BBB has A rating, is a corporation listed with the State of CA USA and does international business in the recording music industry.

The CEO is a member of NARAS & other business organizations: http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikki_Hornsby has personal character & references for over 30 years.

Under: Job Description

This is for one year (providing contracts for 10 to 12 individuals) which will prove any persons abilities towards future positions in the corporation. Gives the highest percentage return based on abilities & success with this one specific project. Able to work online from anywhere in the world: Another job description: http://cjpnhrecords.blogspot.com may provide further explanation.

Job Requirements / Skills:

Freelance position requiring self motivation and with CJP-NHRecords support towards success. Performance will show in profit returns based on your abilities proving your skills with online promotion & marketing.

Interview is with the CEO who will be calling you after resume review.

Send no longer than two page resumes (MSWord or PDF file) attached to email:

Cjpnhrecords@yahoo.com with a copy sent to rw@cjp-nhrecords.com

Read http://cjpnhrecords.blogspot.com for my in depth description. On going MP3 project using 30 commercially market tested songs.

Song sample YouTube video support below.

  • Lomita, California, United States
  • P.O.Box 393, Lomita CA 90717 USA European Office upon request
  • International
  • 1 619 9383322
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